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Market Entry Research

CBA provides expert help by providing market research services and specific market knowledge that facilitates planning, development and execution of market entry strategies. We have our full-time research team that is led by a research director with more than 15 years of experience conducting research in Cambodia. The team has broad range of experience across different sectors in Cambodia including banking and finance, telecommunication, construction, agriculture, food & beverage, health care, FMCG, and media. The final deliverable of our research process will include customized reports with comprehensive analysis that will help decision-makers at all levels.


We can help you with market research for market entry as following:


Cambodia Markets Overview

We can provide a detailed preview of Cambodia market by examining currency valuations, macroeconomic trends, banking environments and market conditions. For many clients, this is a critical “first step” along the path to entering new markets.


Competitive Analysis

We compile an in-depth analysis of potential competitors. This includes market overviews, company profiles and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in new target markets.


Market Feasibility Studies

We prepare you for circumstances that will be faced in specific markets by looking into market entry barriers, competitors, legal challenges and business obstacles. This candid assessment often includes SWOT and PEST analyses.


Quantitative and Qualitative Research

We conduct detailed research such as F2F, in-depth interviews and focus groups. This step can be particularly helpful in identifying consumer needs that are currently under-served in the existing market environment.