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Business Match Making

Is your company eager to expand your sales through partners in Cambodia? Then our tailor-made business matching service is the solution for you which will pinpoint your Cambodian business partners that best suit your needs.


Saving you time and resources, our team of experienced specialists will carry out an individualized search and all arrangements for you. Just tell us your requirements and let us bring you the perfect match. After comprehensive and custom-tailored research, we will introduce you to your potential business partners such as sales representatives, sales partners, customers or distributors. During the trip to see all partners, we will make arrangements for you including meeting schedule and agenda, translator and car. All you need are all your documents including brochures and demo products to be shown in the meetings. In addition, don’t worry about going to the meeting alone because one of our team will be with you also to make sure everything is in the right order.


All businesses are welcome. Just let us know your needs and we’ll do the search for you.