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After you’ve completed your market research phase, it’s a very good idea to visit Cambodia that you’re thinking about targeting. This can help you to experience firsthand the economic and market conditions, business culture, future competitors and demographics.


We organize a business tour/market visit for you to have a direct, comprehensive experience of the Cambodia market.


The business tour will give you the opportunity to:

  • test your assumptions about the market structure, business environment and competition
  • meet potential buyers, distributors and suppliers
  • attend trade fairs to promote your products and services
  • conduct product distribution check in the market
  • learn about consumer lifestyle and needs


During your visit, we will arrange everything for you including travel plan, translator, car, food and accommodation. According to your request, one of our team can accompany with you during the trip and can conduct interviews with customers, retailers and other potential partners for you to gain deeper local insight of Cambodia market.